All catholic school personnel hired under a teaching license are required to achieve Introductory Level certification before they begin their second year of employment at a Diocesan school.
If you teach in a catholic school you must achieve Introductory Level certification by the beginning of your second year.
In addition to achieving Introductory Certificaiton by the beginning of your second year teaching:
  • Elementary teachers must complete Basic Certification by the beginning of the fourth year teaching, and Advanced Certification by the beginning of their sixth year teaching.
  • High school teachers must complete 180 hours of college level coursework or its equivalent every five years. 90 of the 180 hours must be taken in religious studies.
The Diocese has three levels of catechist certification.
  • Introductory Level (18 hrs) = Completion of Course 1: Person as Catechist.
  • Basic Level (40 hrs) = Completion of Introductory Certification and 22 hrs (11 sessions) from any other course.
  • Advanced Level (64 hrs) = Completion of all courses.
Individuals are required to earn 6 CEUs every two years to keep their Advanced Level certification active.

Click here for a printable copy of the requirements.

You can earn methods or enrichment credit for an approved parish (ie mission, bible study, lecture series) or diocesan event.

Interested persons should complete an 11.9a form, being sure to follow all instructions on the form.

Contact your parish/school consultant if you have any questions.

  • Diocesan certification courses offered by the Office of Religious Education and Catechesis or by a local parish
  • Parish sponsored events for methods/enrichment credit
  • On-line Courses or Webinars
  • Submit transcripts from college courses taken at a catholic institution
There are two primary options when presenting Course 1:
  • A Master Catechist may present the course sessions, using the Diocesan Course notes
  • A Facilitator may present the sessions using the video assisted, "Echoes of Faith" program
Submit the:
  • 11.3 form about four to six weeks before the event is to occur to see if it is eligible for certification credit
  • 11.4 and 11.5 after the course is complete
    Submit the:
  • 11.3 four to six weeks before the event begins
  • 11.4 and 11.7 after the course is complete
  • You must complete the Certificate of Participation Form to receive credit for sessions attended at OCEA. Click here for the 2015 form.
  • For a list of pre-approved religious education sessions at the 2015 OCEA click here.
  • Any OCEA credit request form received within 30 days of the event will not be charged a certification processing fee. The deadline for OCEA 2015 is December 15, 2015.
  • Any OCEA requests received beyond 30 days from the event will be charged $8 to process the request.
  • Only “Master Catechists” may teach a diocesan certification class.
  • To be a Master Catechist one must have earned a master’s degree in religious education or a related field. Their coursework must meet all the major objectives of the certification courses and they must have a recommendation about their ability to teach a class.
  • Priests, deacons and religious who do not have a master’s degree must show comparable academic work and have a recommendation about their teaching ability.